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Syria: Remember Me, by Deborah Felmeth

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"Syria: Remember Me is the most important book of the season.  It may be one of the most important books of our time.  Through photographs, author Deborah Felmeth reminds us in a critical way what it means to be human.  Critical because she shows us Syrians whose goodness is easily forgotten.  She reminds us that there are places in this world that are being destroyed and therefore people whose lives are being shredded.
"Our media would have us believe that human beings, Syrians in this example, are to be feared.  I do not believe that this is true.  I believe that it is vitally important to know about and speak of a story that is being ignored."


Syria: Remember Me (Hardcover)
by Deborah Felmeth
ISBN: 9781935922926
Availability:  Available for purchase at Phoenix Books. Give us a call so we can put a copy on hold for you before this title sells out!
Published: Wind Ridge Books of Vermont

Syria: Remember Me bears witness in both words and images to the strong, dignified, beautiful, and complex lives of the Syrian people—from the fertile Euphrates River Valley to the wide-open expanse of the great Syrian Desert, and from the maze of overflowing markets to the spacious interiors of gold-domed mosques.

The photographs in this collection were taken over two decades, between 1991 and 2011, and precede the devastating war that now sweeps the beleaguered land. Today, the daily images of Syria that the media thrusts before us reveal only devastation, grief, rage, and the victimhood of war. The author hopes to hearten that view and encourage readers toward a more humanizing encounter. Turn the pages and gaze into the eyes of Syrians young and old, humble and proud, engaged in the simple miracle of living an everyday life at peace.