Staff Picks

Looking for your next great read?  Click on the links below to browse through the books we can't stop talking about.  Once you find a title you love, you can order online or give us a ring so we can put a copy on hold (or on order) for you.  Remember, not all books featured on our website are necessarily in stock at our bricks-and-mortar locations, but we're always happy to special order a book for you to pick up at the store.  Special orders almost always come in quickly, and don't involve any extra fees.  Happy browsing!


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Booksellers at our tenth anniversary party in October 2017 at Phoenix Books Essex


Phoenix Books booksellers with Elizabeth Warren at our 2014 event with Senator Warren.


Phoenix Books staff members celebrating the results of the 2014 Daysie Awards.


Phoenix booksellers with The Grinch in Rutland.