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Rachel Carter

Rachel Carter has been a teacher, a nanny, a caterer, and a bellhop. A graduate of the University of Vermont and Columbia University, Rachel now lives in Burlington, Vermont. Rachel is also the author of So Close to You and This Strange and Familiar Place. You can visit her online at,, or follow her on Twitter @RachelCarterYA.

The thrilling final novel in the So Close to You trilogy! It’s Lydia’s last chance to stop the Montauk Project...or else be lost in time forever.

Lydia has been trained into a person she might have once feared: focused, fierce, deadly. Although she never wanted the life of a Montauk Project recruit, the Project has captured someone she loves—someone she’ll do anything to save.

Then Lydia glimpses a world in which the Montauk Project never existed. The Project has taken so much from Lydia already, but she knows that she will sacrifice everything to make her vision of a world without the Project a reality.

The Time Traveler's Wife meets Before I Fall in this debut novel that brims with conspiracy, romance, and adventure.

Lydia Bentley has heard stories about the Montauk Project all her life: stories about the experiments that took place at the abandoned military base near her home and the people who've disappeared over the years. Stories about people like her own great-grandfather.

When Lydia discovers that all the stories about the Montauk Project are true, she is determined to unravel its mysteries-with or without the help of Wes, a darkly mysterious boy from the inside of the Project whom she is wary to trust. But the truths behind the secrets she uncovers force her to question all her choices-and if Lydia chooses wrong, she might not save her family but destroy them...and herself.

Publishers Weekly said that "readers will be hooked" by this first book in a thrilling new trilogy following one girl's personal and high-stakes struggle against destiny-and a race to alter an unspeakable future.

The conspiracy theorists were right all along about the Montauk Project and time travel....

These are the things of which Lydia is now certain:

The Montauk Project has been experimenting with time travel for years.

The Project's subjects are "recruits" from across time. Recruits like Wes, Lydia's ally, friend, and love.

The Project is now responsible for the disappearance of two members of her family....

And they're coming for Lydia next.

This heart-pounding sequel to So Close to You explores the sacrifices we make to save the people we love-and what happens after you change the future.