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Pipsqueak's Adventure by Diana D. Dunn

SKU: 9780578223193p
Primary Author: 
Dunn, Diana D.
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Book Description: 

Meet Pipsqueak - a baby bird in need of a rescue.

Follow along as Pipsqueak, a baby tree swallow, is rescued after a night alone. Working together, a young girl, a wildlife rescue center, and some unlikely animal friends help Pipsqueak return to where the bird belongs.

Pipsqueak's Adventure is a true story entirely told in watercolor paintings.

Diana D. Dunn is a Vermont artist and an electrical engineer. Her husband and two daughters assisted with the rescue of Pipsqueak and encouraged her to illustrate this endearing tale. Diana has since mounted her birdhouses higher and on slippery metal poles to keep returning tree swallows safe year after year.