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Past Events

  • The Lesson

    Thursday, September 12 at 7:00 pm

    Join Cadwell Turnbull for a talk on his debut science fiction novel, The Lesson.

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  Cadwell Turnbull's The Lesson explores the nature of belief, the impact of colonialism, and asks how far are we willing to go for progress? Breaking ground as one of the first science fiction novels set in the Virgin Islands, The Lesson is not only a thought-provoking literary work, delving deeply into allegorical themes of colonialism, but also vividly draws the community of Charlotte Amalie, the author's hometown.

    An alien ship rests over Water Island. For five years the people of the US Virgin Islands have lived with the Ynaa, a race of superadvanced aliens on a research mission they will...

  • Thursday, September 12 at 2:00 pm

    Margaret Atwood's new book The Testaments

    Thirty-four years ago, Margaret Atwood published "The Handmaid's Tale." If you missed the live broadcast on 9/10, join us on Thursday, September 12th at the Palace 9 Cinema in South Burlington to celebrate the release of her long-awaited sequel, "The Testaments." 
    Visit the Palace9 ticket link below for details. 

    Phoenix Books pop-up shop at Palace 9: We'll be at the cinema with a wide selection of Atwood's other books for sale, and an Atwood-themed raffle as well! 

    Tickets and more info here:

    PRE-ORDER YOUR BOOKS HERE: https://www....

  • Green Mountain Sapsuckers and SapNet

    Tuesday, September 10 at 7:00 pm

    Please join Onion River Press and author Harry Goldhagen for the launch of Green Mountain Sapsuckers and SapNet, two novellas that feature adventurous reporter Charlotte St. Johnsbury and all things maple!

    ABOUT THE BOOK: Welcome to Skunk Hollow! A tranquil, idyllic town: village green and country roads, weathered red barns and rambling white farmhouses, cows grazing in green pastures, covered bridges and trickling streams...and thousands of maple trees, providing a river of golden sweetness each spring.

    But there's a dark side to this pastoral village. Greenish, long toothed sapsuckers. Feral sap lines. Genetically modified trees. Follow adventurous investigative reporter Charlotte St. Johnsbury (aka Ms. Sugar Maple) and country boy...

  • Phoenix Books pop-up shop at Palace 9

    Tuesday, September 10 at 2:30 pm

    Margaret Atwood's new book The Testaments

    Thirty-four years ago, Margaret Atwood published "The Handmaid's Tale." Now, join us on Tuesday September 10th at the Palace 9 Cinema in South Burlington for the release of her long-awaited sequel, "The Testaments." 
    Atwood will be live-streaming from London (England) at the 2:30 showing, which will be rebroadcast later that evening and that Thursday. Visit the Palace9 ticket link below for details. 

    We'll be at the cinema with a wide selection of Atwood's other books for sale, and an Atwood-themed raffle as well! 

    Tickets and more info here:


  • Sunday, September 08 at 2:00 pm

    Join us for an afternoon of poetry hosted by Phoenix Books Rutland’s own Bianca Amira Zanella. Come to read, come to listen, or come for both! Those interested in reading can sign up at the door.

    ABOUT THE EVENT HOST: Bianca Amira Zanella’s poems have most recently appeared in The Mountain Troubadour and The Reverie. The recipient of a 2014 Robert T. Marsh Memorial Prize for Excellence in Writing and a 2017 Green Mountain Scholarship, Bianca plans to finalize her initial poetry as social change manuscript while studying at Vermont College of Fine Arts in the MFA for Writing and Publishing program. Bianca has workshopped under the BreakBeat Poets, DarkMatter, Aja Monet, and Sarah Kay. In addition to facilitating poetry performance workshops and teaching writing camps, Bianca has...

  • in Conversation with Margot Harrison, on Before Houdini

    Thursday, September 05 at 7:00 pm

    Join Jeremy Holt in conversation with Margot Harrison, to discuss his new book, Before Houdini. This exciting second volume of the After Houdini saga explores the origins of the elusive master of magic, the man who would become…Houdini.

    An assortment of sparkling wines will be available courtesy of Zafa Wines — pours $10.

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  London, 1888. A shadowy killer stalks the streets of London, his appetite for blood unleashed upon the city’s lower classes. To defeat him, MI6 turns to its most top-secret team: four teenage agents with extraordinary gifts—including a young American immigrant with a talent for illusion . . .
    After Houdini began the story of Josef Houdini, son of the famous...

  • Rival's Break

    Thursday, August 29 at 6:30 pm

    Join Phoenix Books Rutland to celebrate the release of Carla Neggers' latest book, Rival's Break.

    New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers has crafted a gripping novel of international intrigue and suspense not to be missed!  A deadly poisoning, a stolen painting and a criminal mastermind challenge the skills of FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan as never before in their latest high-stakes case.


    Undercover FBI agent Colin Donovan joins his wife, Emma Sharpe, an FBI art crimes expert, for his brother's wedding in their fishing village on the southern Maine coast. When Kevin Donovan, a marine patrol officer, receives a call to check on suspected food-poisoning at a party...

  • Summer Reading Party & Book Launch!

    Monday, August 26 at 6:00 pm

    Join us for our Summer Reading Party with special guest Katherine Arden!  We'll be celebrating the launch of Katherine's newest book, Dead Voices.

    ABOUT THE BOOKBestselling author Katherine Arden returns with another creepy, spine-tingling adventure in this follow-up to the critically acclaimed Small Spaces.

    Having survived sinister scarecrows and the malevolent smiling man in Small Spaces, newly minted best friends Ollie, Coco, and Brian are ready to spend a relaxing winter break skiing together with their parents at Mount Hemlock Resort. But when a snowstorm sets in, causing the power to flicker out and the cold to creep closer and closer, the three are forced to...

  • Saturday, August 24 at 9:00 am

    Join us at the Downtown Rutland Street Party!  Special discounts on select books, cards, and toys.


    DATE:  Saturday, August 24th, 9AM-4PM

    LOCATION:  Phoenix Books Rutland

    ADMISSION:  Free and open to all.

  • Come for the fair, go home with a new book!

    Friday, August 23 at 10:00 am

    Phoenix Books is coming to the fair! Find us in the Expo South building where we'll have awesome book deals and fun gifts for all ages. 

    For more info on "The Ten Best Days of Summer" visit: