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Past Events

  • A Virtual Book Discussion

    Tuesday, June 08 at 7:00 pm

    Join us as we welcome Gigi Georges for a discussion of her new book Downeast: Five Maine Girls and the Unseen Story of Rural America.

    In this captivating and empathetic book, Gigi Georges follows five girls as they come of age in one of the most challenging and geographically isolated regions on the Eastern seaboard. Their stories transform our understanding of life in small towns and offer hope for the future of rural America.

    Nestled in Maine’s far northeast corner, Washington County sits an hour’s drive from the heart of famed and bustling Acadia National Park. Yet it’s a world away. For Willow, Vivian, Mckenna, Audrey, and Josie—five teenage girls caught between tradition and transformation in this...

  • Virtual Book Launch Celebration

    Tuesday, June 01 at 7:00 pm

    Join us to celebrate the release of Maria Hummel's newest book, Lesson in Red. This savvy thriller, a companion to Still Lives, exposes dark questions about power and the art world and reveals the fatal mistakes that can befall those who threaten its status quo.  Maria will be in conversation with fellow Vermont author, Melanie Finn.

    Brenae Brasil is a rising star at Los Angeles Art College, the most prestigious art school in the country, and her path to art world celebrity is all but assured. Until she is found dead on campus, just after completing a provocative documentary about female bodies, coercion, and self-defense.
    Maggie Richter's return to L.A. and her job at the Rocque...

  • Thursday, May 27 at 7:00 pm

    Virtually appear to read and/or to listen. Those interested in reading can sign up at the beginning of the meeting, via the Zoom Chat Box feature. 

    ABOUT THE EVENT HOST: Bianca Amira Zanella is a Vermont-based performance poet, paper artist, and events coordinator, as well as the Poet-in-Residence at Phoenix Books Rutland. Zanella’s poems have most recently appeared in The Rutland Herald, The Mountain Troubadour, and The Reverie. In 2019, Bianca acted as Wellness Coordinator for the Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam (FEMS) tournament based in Cambridge, MA, and founded “Infinite Lit: a night of spoken word poetry,” co-producing this series alongside Michael Kingsbury around Rutland County. In 2020, Bianca founded and is the owner of The...

  • Exploring the Healing Promise of Plant Medicines in a Global Industry

    Wednesday, May 26 at 7:00 pm

    From tulsi to turmeric, echinacea to elderberry, medicinal herbs are big business—but do they deliver on their healing promise—to those who consume them, those who provide them, and the natural world?  Join us for a discussion with author Ann Ambrecht, the author of The Business of Botanicals, to find out more.

    Using herbal medicines to heal the body is an ancient practice, but in the twenty-first century, it is also a worldwide industry. Yet most consumers know very little about where those herbs come from and how they are processed into the many products that fill store shelves. In The Business of Botanicals, author Ann Armbrecht follows their journey from seed to shelf, revealing the inner workings of a complicated...

  • Saturday, May 22 at 11:00 am

    Join us for story time with Vermont author Rob Border and help us celebrate the release of his latest picture book, Our Shed:  A Father-Daughter Building Story.

    This lovely story is about a father teaching his daughter how to build a backyard shed for storing the necessities of family life—a lawn mower, sprinkler, sleds, kid toys. For each practical element the dad brings to the project, his daughter adds her own imaginative creative spin. In the end, they are both happy with their collaboration. And, just as dad passes building skills on to his daughter, so does his daughter eventually pass those skills on to her own son when they fix up the peeling shed at the end of the story.

    Kids love tools, building things, and...

  • Wednesday, May 19 at 7:00 pm

    Join us as we  kick off summer and summer reading with novelists Erika Montgomery and Orly Konig!

    Erika Montgomery's A Summer to Remember is "an unforgettable tale of love, loss and finding your place that glitters as brightly as the golden age of Hollywood."--Kristy Woodson Harvey, USA Today Bestselling author of Feels Like Falling

    For thirty-year-old Frankie Simon,...

  • Tuesday, May 18 at 7:00 pm

    Join us to celebrate the release of Alison Bechdel's newest book, The Secret to Superhuman Strength.  

    From the author of Fun Home, a profoundly affecting graphic memoir of Bechdel's lifelong love affair with exercise, set against a hilarious chronicle of fitness fads in our times

    Comics and cultural superstar Alison Bechdel delivers a deeply layered story of her fascination, from childhood to adulthood, with every fitness craze to come down the pike: from Jack LaLanne in the 60s ("Outlandish jumpsuit! Cantaloupe-sized guns!") to the existential oddness of present-day spin class. Readers will see their athletic or semi-active pasts flash before their eyes through an ever-...

  • The Vatican Secret

    Thursday, May 13 at 7:00 pm

    Phoenix Books is thrilled to present an evening with Dr. Peter Hogenkamp for a discussion of his latest novel, The Vatican Secret, an explosive thriller full of treachery, international conspiracy and non-stop action. 

    There is a nuclear weapon in the hands of the Vatican City's deadliest enemy. And time is running out to stop an attack...

    Marco Venetti, the only man the pope trusts, has tracked down the traitor who nearly succeeded in his mission to kill the pope. But the traitor holds a crucial piece of information: the name of the Russian mafioso in possession of a nuclear bomb.

    Forced to work with a man he despises to prevent a deadly...

  • Nighthawk's Wing: A Gideon Stoltz Maystery

    Wednesday, May 12 at 7:00 pm

    What a fantastic book! Strong, well-drawn characters, rich attention to natural detail, and a haunting narrative make this a series to get excited about.” — Paul Doiron, author of the Mike Bowditch Mystery Series

    Join us as we welcome Charles Fergus to our virtual event stage for a talk on his new mystery, Nighthawk's Wing, the second in the Gideon Stoltz Mystery series.   

    Nighthawk’s Wing beckons readers who crave authenticity in Early American historical novels, including those intrigued by Amish and Mennonite communities, witchcraft, spells, and visions. This intriguing mystery glides along the edge between the gritty reality of the...

  • presented in partnership with Vermont Italian Cultural Association

    Tuesday, May 11 at 7:00 pm


    What food was considered scandalous if consumed by women in public during the Renaissance?  Why is the Bellini called the Bellini?  How did the Colosseum get its name?

    Join Phoenix Books and the Vermont Italian Cultural Association for a La Dolce Vita University Happy Hour & Italian Cultural Trivia Challenge mc'ed by award-winning author and travel writer Carla Gambescia.  Anyone in amore with all things Italian will enjoy this entertaining and informative...