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Past Events

  • Cast Meet & Greet

    Saturday, November 17 at 11:00 am

    Meet and greet the leads of Rutland Youth Theatre's upcoming holiday production of Newsies, the Broadway Musical that will be performed at the Paramount Theatre on December 14th and 15th. Come learn about the true story of the NYC newsboys' strike of 1899,a youth-led campaign to force change in the way that Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst's newspapers compensated their child labor force of newspaper hawkers. The strike lasted two weeks, causing Pulitzer's New York World to reduce its circulation from 360,000 to 125,...

  • Koren. In the Wild

    Thursday, November 15 at 7:00 pm

    Ed Koren, in his studio, holding a pen

    Join the inimitable and former Cartoonist Laureate of Vermont, Ed Koren, for a talk on his new book, Koren: In the Wild.

    ABOUT THE BOOK: A collection of cartoons from The New Yorker cartoonist Edward Koren, on country life, exurbanites, locals, and the ironies of living in the boonies. Nothing is sacred: gas stations, vegetarians, parenting, animals, gourmands, country stores…all are examined with the unique perspective and creativity of this brilliant observer (and artist) of “the wild.”

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Edward Koren has long been associated with the The New Yorker magazine, where he has published over 1100 cartoons, as well as numerous covers and illustrations. He has also contributed to many other...

  • The Road Once Taken

    Wednesday, November 14 at 7:00 pm

    Join Lori MacLaughlin - author of Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble and Trouble By Any Other Name - for a talk on her new fantasy novel, The Road Once Taken.

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  Jacinda Harper just wants a vacation — a little time to spend with an old friend and her new baby. But a speeding car on a rain-slicked road crashes just ahead of her, and alters her life forever. The last wish from the dying woman in the wrecked car sends Jaci to a lonely mansion, where she finds a mysterious grandfather clock, a cryptic diary, and a strange key... and magic... Unwittingly transported into a fantastical world of ominous castles, wild forests, and rebel swordsmen — a world ruled by a ruthless sorcerer whose quest for world domination has...

  • After Houdini

    Tuesday, November 13 at 7:00 pm

    Join Jeremy Holt for a talk on his new graphic novel, After Houdini.

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  Harry Houdini, master magician and covert spy for the United States, has been kidnapped. The only man who can save him is his estranged son Josef, who, like his father, knows the power of magic—and how it can be more than just an illusion.

    Josef Houdini takes after his father: A gifted escape artist, there’s not a jam he can’t get himself out of. Then again, when your father is one of the greatest illusionists of all time, that comes as no surprise. What does come as a surprise is the fact that Harry Houdini is not only the world’s greatest magician, but also a top-secret operative for the US government during World War I. In rare form he finds himself...

  • Bury the Lead (Vermont Voices)

    Sunday, November 11 at 2:00 pm

    Join Archer Mayor for a talk on his new Joe Gunther novel, Bury the Lead!

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  Joe Gunther and the VBI team are investigating a murder and an arson case—both potentially related to an outbreak of ebola. When the body of a young woman is found near a trail at a popular ski mountain, the case falls to Joe Gunther and his team at the Vermont Bureau of Investigation (VBI). They quickly have a suspect, Mick Durocher, and a confession, but not everyone on the team is convinced. Despite Mick’s ready admission, investigators quickly sense there might be more going on than is immediately apparent. At the same time, a large local business is being targeted with escalating acts of vandalism—a warehouse fire, a vandalized truck, a massive cooling...

  • A Hound's Holiday

    Saturday, November 10 at 11:00 am

    Join us for a story time and some songs and party games from the Victorian period.

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  Do you hate to leave your dog at home when going off to do something fun?​ That’s how this Victorian-era family feels when they head out in the sleigh for a family gathering. Set in a snowy New England landscape, this picture book of woodcut-style illustrations will appeal to all with a nostalgia for bygone days or for whom it is an unknown world.

    ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORS:  The illustrator, Heather Bellanca & writer, Kim Spensley grew up next door to each other in an idyllic little town in Vermont, home of their forebears. As a result, they share a love of New England’s countryside, its bright winter days and its welcoming...

  • Habits of A Champion

    Thursday, November 08 at 7:00 pm

    Join Coach Dana Cavalea for a talk on his new book, Habits of a Champion.

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  In his first published book, Coach Dana Cavalea shares 15 lessons about what it takes to become a champion. He shares stories and insights from some of the world’s top performers in sports, life and business. An easy to read, funny, attention grabbing journey on how to take your life and game from average to extraordinary, you will soon find out that achieving your full potential is a lot more simple than you think. Along his journey, Coach has learned  that there is not such thing as a Default Champion. It takes work. Not just any kind of work though--very specific day-to-day work. This book was written for anyone looking to take their game...

  • Secrets of Mt. Philo

    Wednesday, November 07 at 7:00 pm

    Join Judy Chaves for a talk on her new book, Secrets of Mount Philo.

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  Mount Philo State Park is Vermont’s oldest state park, and one of its most popular. What many don’t realize is that the mountain’s history is every bit as remarkable as its natural beauty: It is the landscape history of Vermont (and much of the Northeast) in miniature. “Secrets of Mount Philo” guides you to more than 30 historic sites in the park, detailing what’s there and placing it within the context of the park’s, state’s, and region’s...

  • Monday, November 05 at 4:00 pm

    All youth grades 5 - 9 are welcome to join us at the store for a conversation about books!

  • Going Up the Country

    Sunday, November 04 at 2:00 pm

    Join Yvonne Daley to learn about her new book, Going Up the Country: When the Hippies, Dreamers, Freaks, and Radicals Moved to Vermont.

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  How the counterculture changed Vermont—and America
    Going Up the Country is part oral history, part nostalgia-tinged narrative, and part clear-eyed analysis of the multifaceted phenomena collectively referred to as the counterculture movement in Vermont. This is the story of how young migrants, largely from the cities and suburbs of New York and Massachusetts, turned their backs on the establishment of the 1950s and moved to the backwoods of rural Vermont, spawning a revolution in lifestyle, politics, sexuality, and business practices that would have a profound impact...