Information for Local Authors

Local Authors Consignment Program

There are lots of new options for publishing these days, and many local authors are publishing with companies that we don’t have a regular business relationship with. If this describes you, we invite you to sign up for our consignment program. Please bring up to four copies of your book in to Phoenix Books Burlington, and one of our booksellers can help you get that book on our shelves. This program has no up-front fee; instead, proceeds from the sale of your books are split 60/40 in favor of the author. There is some paperwork involved with this program. Please print it, fill it out, and bring it with you when you come to Phoenix Books Burlington to register your books:

Consignment form


An Event at Phoenix

If you're interested in working with Phoenix Books on an event, please send the following information. We can't guarantee that we'll be able to fit your event into our schedule, but we will consider every application, and we look forward to learning more about you and your book.

  • A short bio
  • A short description of your book
  • Your book's publisher name, ISBN, retail price, and date of publication
  • What would your event be like? Would it be a book talk? A panel discussion? A meet-and-greet? If you've written a cookbook, would you give out free samples? Please note if this would be your book launch event.
  • What would you be able to do to help publicize your event?  We put in a full publicity effort for each of our events, but also depend on local authors to help spread the word.
  • Which Phoenix Books location(s) are you interested in doing an event at?
  • How many of your friends/fans/contacts do you estimate would come to an event? (Include a number for each location you're interested in.)
  • Do you have a date or date range in mind? If that doesn't work, are you available later in the year?
  • Do you have other events planned in the area?

Please note:

  • While we endeavor to make every event a successful one, we can in no way guarantee an audience for your event. We find events do best when authors reach out to their own contacts, and we strongly encourage you to do so.
  • It is our practice to ticket most events at Phoenix Books Burlington.
  • Phoenix Books does not host events featuring books printed using CreateSpace/Amazon. (See below for more information on why.)


Please Note (or, Before You Publish Your Book, Please Read This)

Dear Local Authors,

You might not know that CreateSpace, a self publishing company, is wholly owned by - a company whose questionable business practices go beyond fair competition and instead give every appearance of hostility toward not just independent bookstores, but all bricks and mortar businesses.

We take pride in our selection of books by local authors, and we created our Local Authors Consignment Program in order to enable us to carry books by local authors who have self-published. However - since we also want to do everything we can to support Vermont’s strong local-first economy - we have made a difficult decision: While Phoenix Books will order books from Amazon-publishing companies for customers' special requests, we will not knowingly keep any new books printed by CreateSpace or Amazon on our shelves, even if the book is by a local author. Also, Phoenix Books will not knowingly feature books published by CreateSpace or Amazon as part of our events program.

For more information on the reasoning behind this decision, we invite you to read this letter from the American Booksellers Association from 2013. We invite you to learn more about the effect of Amazon on local economies and communities here. Please feel free to contact Mike DeSanto, co-owner of Phoenix Books, with any questions or concerns about this policy and/or the pros and cons of working with Amazon. We truly appreciate your time and understanding regarding this difficult decision.

Looking for other options?  Check out Phoenix's self-publishing program, Onion River Press. Contact for more information.