Upcoming Events

  • Saturday September 29, 11:00 am

    Join us for a story time - and for some coloring activities!

  • Saturday September 29, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

    Visit Phoenix Books Burlington for a tarot reading. Rachel's approach to tarot draws from Jung and the concept that we can access collective symbols and archetypes from our unconscious that can assist in guiding our intuition.

    Rachel is a self-taught tarot reader and has been reading tarot for six years now. She began public readings about a year and a half ago. She has read at weddings and parties as well as for private individuals. Rachel has an MA in clinical mental health counseling from Antioch University New England and has a private psychotherapy practice in Williston working with individual adults. In her off time, she enjoys hiking, gardening, and reading.


    DATE:  Saturday, September 29th from 6-7:30PM

    LOCATION:  Phoenix Books Burlington

    ADMISSION:  Readings are first come, first served. Suggested donation is $5-10.

    PLEASE NOTE: Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.

  • Sunday September 30, 2:00 pm

    Join Bill Lockwood for a talk on his new novel, Ms. Anna.

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  Anna, a twenty-something college graduate, is without a job comparable to her education. She works as a part-time bartender and also as pilot of her father’s fishing boat in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, a city proclaiming itself “the tuna canning capital of the world” in the 1990s. Max is an academic who was maybe once in the CIA. He is a member of a staid, wealthy New England lobstering family that has branched out to buy one of the Mayaguez tuna plants. When word reaches them (thanks to Anna) of some “fishy” activities regarding their latest acquisition, they send Max to investigate. Anna and Max would rather find out more about each other, but in no time they are embroiled in a high-seas smuggling run, tracked by the U.S. Coast Guard. The bad guy has an assault rifle in his trombone case, so it’s not your parents’ Caribbean cruise—romance will have to wait.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Bill Lockwood was born in Baltimore, Maryland,. and moved to southeastern Vermont and Bellows Falls in the early 1990s. Recently retired, by day he was a social services worker for the States of Maryland and Vermont. By night he was active in non-professional theater, doing mostly tech work and publicity but having directed six major productions in Baltimore. In Vermont, he was the longest serving Chairman of the Bellows Falls Opera House Restoration Committee and was honored for his work by being chosen 2006 Great Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce Person of the Year. He has recently worked back stage with Main Street Arts, River Theater Co., and is publicist for the Walpole players. As a writer in Baltimore he wrote feature stories and reviews in “Stage Right”, a community theater newsletter in the 1980s. In Vermont, he had four short stories published in obscure literary magazines in the early 1990s and wrote articles covering the arts, personalities, and rural downtown development in the Bellows Falls (VT ) Town Crier from 1998 through 2006. He also wrote articles for other local publications including the early Brattleboro Commons and some Vermont tourist magazines. Currently he contributes free lance to The Eagle Times, The Shopper/Vermont Journal, and the Walpole Clarion. His first novel, Buried Gold was released by The Wild Rose Press in 2016, Megan of the Mists in 2017, and Ms. Anna in 2018. All are historical fiction. Recently, he and his wife of 38 years moved form Vermont to North Walpole, New Hampshire, just across the Connecticut River from Bellows Falls.


    DATE:  Sunday, September 30th at 2pm

    LOCATION:  Phoenix Books Misty Valley, Chester

    ADMISSION:  Free and open to all.

  • Monday October 1, 4:00 pm

    All youth grades 5 - 9 are welcome to join us at the store for a conversation about books!

  • Thursday October 4, 6:30 pm

    Join James Dunn for a talk on his new book, Breach of Trust: The Ethics Scandal That Challenged the Integrity of the Vermont Judiciary, a true story about arrogance and abuse of judicial power, coupled with allegations of romantic affairs and cover-ups.

    ABOUT THE BOOK: Voted the number one Vermont news story for 1987, Breach of Trust chronicles the ethics scandal that shook the roots of the Vermont judiciary in the mid-1980s. The scandal led to Chittenden County Assistant Judge Jane Wheel becoming the first and only Vermont judge ever charged with a criminal felony. It also led to unprecedented charges of ethical misconduct against three highly respected Vermont Supreme Court justices, making it the first time a justice was charged with a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct. Breach of Trust follows the political and legal struggles as Judge Wheel finds herself being investigated for misusing public funds, an investigation she charged was “politically motivated,” and likened to the “Salem Witch trials.” She was eventually charged criminally, and her attorneys and the attorney general faced off in an epic, month-long criminal trial involving testimony from Supreme Court justices, judges, politicians and court employees. At the same time, the state’s Judicial Conduct Board formerly charged Supreme Court Justices Hill, Hayes and Gibson with twenty-four violations of judicial ethics.  All of the allegations of misconduct centered on the justices’ close personal relationship with Judge Wheel, and actions they took to protect her during the investigation, culminating in an unprecedented three-week ethics trial before the Judicial Conduct Board.

     “A masterful piece of work! It is a story that ought not to be forgotten and I am very glad Dunn has been so diligent and determined to bring it to light”
    --JEFFREY AMESTOY, former Attorney General and retired Chief Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court.

    “Breach of Trust is an important book, because today so little is known about Judge Wheel and the lessons to be learned from her reign. An excellent contribution to Vermont judicial history, Well-written and entertaining, “Breach of Trust” is a must read for Vermont attorneys and those concerned about our system of justice."
    --JAMES MORSE, retired Vermont Supreme Court Justice.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James J. Dunn took his first job out of law school in 1974 with Vermont Legal Aid. In 1981 Dunn joined the administration of Burlington’s newly-elected mayor, Bernie Sanders, where he served as an assistant city attorney, personnel director, and chief labor negotiator. He returned to his private law practice in 1992 and spent the next twenty-five years serving as general counsel to many municipal and private sector labor unions before retiring in 2016. He lives in Burlington, Vermont, where he serves on the Burlington Police Commission.


    DATE:  Thursday, October 4th at 6:30pm

    LOCATION:  Phoenix Books Rutland

    ADMISSION: Free and open to all.

  • Thursday October 4, 7:00 pm

    Join Stephen Russell Payne to celebrate the launch of his new novel, Life on a Cliff! Light fare will be provided.

    ABOUT THE BOOKLife On A Cliff is the highly-anticipated sequel to Payne's award-winning novel Cliff Walking. Famous seascape artist Francis Monroe has come to love Kate Johnson and her artistic son Stringer, who were tracked from California to Maine by their abusive husband and father, Leland. After surviving a brutal attack and a subsequent grueling trial, Francis assumes they can all enjoy a normal life together. Kate, however, is anything but settled as her old demons of addiction and self-destructive behavior threaten to destroy the good life they have fought so hard to create. Set on the breathtakingly beautiful coast of Maine, Life On A Cliff explores how deeply rooted we are in our established ways and that change, in its many forms, can be exceedingly hard to accept--even if it is for the better.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Stephen Russell Payne, a fourth generation Vermonter from the fabled Northeast Kingdom, is the author of the novel, Cliff Walking, Ties That Bind Us-A Collection of Vermont Short Stories, and the biography, Riding My Guitar-The Rick Norcross Story. He has also published fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in Vermont Life Magazine, The Vermont Literary Review, The Tufts Review, and other journals. He brings an impressive breadth of life experience to his writing, drawing on careers as a former police officer and practicing New England surgeon for over 30 years. Payne received his Master’s in English from Tufts University before attending medical school at the University of Vermont, where he has been a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery since 1988.

    Cliff Walking received the 2017 Bronze Medal in fiction from the Readers’ Favorite Awards. Payne was also awarded the 2017 Physician Award for Community Service from the Vermont State Medical Society, in part because of his efforts through sales of Cliff Walking to support organizations working to end spousal and child abuse.

    He lives on an organic farm with his family and is an active supporter of area land trusts, serving on the board of directors of the Lake Champlain Land Trust.


    DATE:  Thursday, October 4th at 7pm

    LOCATiON:  Phoenix Books Burlington

    ADMISSION:  Proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Vermont Foodbank.  Your $3 ticket comes with a coupon for $5 off a copy of the featured book.  Coupons expire at closing the evening of the event.






  • Friday October 5, 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm

    Phoenix Book’s Misty Valley welcomes members of the community and those visiting to attend our First Friday event series. The series will bring events for all ages, and we'll keep the store open until 7 p.m.

    Celebrate the Halloween season with spooky stories, a costume contest, and Halloween-themed games and activities!


    DATE:  Friday, October 5th from 4:30-7:00pm

    LOCATION:  Phoenix Books Misty Valley

    ADMISSION:  Free and open to all.

  • Saturday October 6, 11:00 am

    Join us for a story time and for a "make your own mini coloring book" activity with author-illustrator Mark Gonyea!

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  A sleep deprived kid creates monsters of his own to banish the ones that are keeping him awake in this fiendishly funny picture book that’s the perfect counting and bedtime story. In graphic artist and designer Mark Gonyea’s clever counting book, a little boy snuggles in for a nap, but much to his surprise, silly little monsters pop up wherever he looks. First there’s one at the window, then two appear when he blinks, and three pop out when one of the monsters sneezes. Before he knows it, there are ten kooky creatures in his room. But will the little boy find a way to outsmart those pesky pests?

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Mark Gonyea was born in northern New York. While spending the better portion of his early life watching TV, going to movies, and playing video games, little did he realize Star Wars was to be the essential ground work for a career in cartooning and graphic design. He now lives and works in Vermont.


    DATE:  Saturday, October 6th at 11am

    LOCATION:  Phoenix Books Rutland

    ADMISSION:  All ages are welcome to this free event.

  • Tuesday October 9, 6:30 pm

    Join Jason Lutes for a talk on his new book, Berlin. Twenty years in the making, this sweeping masterpiece charts Berlin through the rise of Nazism.

    ABOUT THE BOOK: During the past two decades, Jason Lutes has quietly created one of the masterworks of the graphic novel golden age. Serialized in twenty-two issues, collected in two volumes, with a third to be released at the same time as this omnibus, Berlin has more than 100,000 copies in print and is one of the high-water marks of the medium: rich in its well-researched historical detail, compassionate in its character studies, and as timely as ever in its depiction of a society slowly awakening to the stranglehold of fascism.

    Berlin is an intricate look at the fall of the Weimar Republic through the eyes of its citizens—Marthe Müller, a young woman escaping the memory of a brother killed in World War I, Kurt Severing, an idealistic journalist losing faith in the printed word as fascism and extremism take hold; the Brauns, a family torn apart by poverty and politics. Lutes weaves these characters’ lives into the larger fabric of a city slowly ripping apart.

    The city itself is the central protagonist in this historical fiction. Lavish salons, crumbling sidewalks, dusty attics, and train stations: all these places come alive in Lutes’ masterful hand. Weimar Berlin was the world’s metropolis, where intellectualism, creativity, and sensuous liberal values thrived, and Lutes maps its tragic, inevitable decline. Devastatingly relevant and beautifully told, Berlin is one of the great epics of the comics medium.

    “With its rich sense of time and place, nuanced portrayal of individual destinies, precisely rendered imagery, and poetic expression of themes, Jason Lutes’s Berlin is truly a masterful narrative.”
    —Amor Towles, A Gentleman in Moscow

    “A watershed achievement—Berlin charted new territory for the graphic novel and comics at the same time, at once a story about artists trying to make art during the rise of the Nazis in Germany, and a bildungsroman of the first order. This landmark collection returns this story to us now when we need examples of how to stay human to each other in the face of a politics that turns friends into enemies—a newly necessary book.”
    —Alexander Chee, The Queen of the Night

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Jason Lutes was born in New Jersey in 1967 and grew up reading American superhero and Western comics. In the late 1970s he discovered Heavy Metal magazine and the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, both of which proved major influences on his creative development. Lutes graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in illustration, and in 1993 he began drawing a weekly comics page called Jar of Fools for Seattle’s The Stranger. Lutes lives in Vermont with his partner and two children, where he teaches comics at the Center for Cartoon Studies.


    DATE:  Tuesday, October 9th at 6:30pm

    LOCATION:  Phoenix Books Rutland

    ADMISSION:  Free and open to all.


  • Tuesday October 9, 7:00 pm

    Join D. D. Guttenplan for a talk on his new book, The Next Republic - both an assessment of our current political leadership and a vision of those who can bring substantive change.

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  Who are the new progressive leaders emerging to lead the post-Trump return to democracy in America? National political correspondent and award-winning author D.D. Guttenplan's The Next Republic is an extraordinarily intense and wide-ranging account of the recent fall and incipient rise of democracy in America. The Next Republic profiles nine successful activists who are changing the course of American history right now:
         • new labor activist and author Jane McAlevey
         • racial justice campaigner (and mayor of Jackson, Mississippi) Chokwe Antar Lumumba
         • environmental activist (and newly elected chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party) Jane Kleeb
         • Chicago’s first openly gay Latino public official Carlos Ramirez-Rosa
         • #ALLOFUS co-founder Waleed Shahid
         • young architects of Bernie Sanders' amazing rise, digerati Corbin Trent and Zack Exley, founders of Brand New Congress
         • and author and anti-corruption crusader Zephyr Teachout.
    Additionally, the introduction to The Next Republic ties in the election and first year of the Trump presidency to the current rise of populism of the left, and there are three historical chapters that describe key moments in American history that shed light on current events: the Whiskey Rebellion, the Lincoln Republic, and the Roosevelt Republic. Guttenplan understands the magnitude of the problem of democracy, and at the same time the great possibilities for its resurgence. Like a cross between George Packer's The Unwinding and John F. Kennedy's Profiles in CourageThe Next Republic is both unyielding and deeply hopeful, the first book to come out of the Trump ascendency that stakes a claim for seeing beyond it.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  As the lead Nation election correspondent throughout the 2015-16 election season, D.D. Guttenplan set the highest standard for election reporting, traveling across the country throughout the primary season, present at the major speeches and rallies of all the candidates, offering deep as well as topical coverage in dozens of articles including many that graced the Nation magazine's cover. Guttenplan's first book, The Holocaust on Trial, was highly praised in The New Yorker and elsewhere. His biography of I.F. Stone, American Radical: The Life and Times of I.F. Stone won the Sperber Prize for Biography. Guttenplan wrote and presented two radio documentaries for the BBC, Guns: An American Love Affair, and War, Lies and Audiotape, about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, as well as producing an acclaimed film, Edward Said: The Last Interview. A former editor at Vanity Fair, senior editor at the Village Voice, and media columnist at New York Newsday, Guttenplan's reporting on the Happy Land Social Club fire in the Bronx won a Page One Award from the New York Newspaper Guild. His investigative reporting on New York City's fire code was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. He divides his time between homes in the U.S. in Vermont and London, England.


    DATE:  Tuesday, October 9th at 7pm

    LOCATION:  Phoenix Books Burlington

    ADMISSION:  Proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Vermont Foodbank. Your $3 ticket comes with a coupon for $5 off a copy of the featured book. Coupons expire at closing the evening of the event.


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