Here's a quick overview of what we offer. 
Contact for more details!

We offer a 20% discount every day on school, library & classroom purchases. No Purchase Order required.
As an educator you'll save 20% when purchasing for the school, and up to 25% on qualifying volume orders.
(If you are purchasing out of pocket, please show your school ID at the register.)

Fast turnaround
We work with our suppliers to help with those last-minute orders!

Phoenix Books = Shopping Local
More of your money goes right back into the community.

Looking to raise funds for your school program?
Partner with Phoenix Books for an In-School, In-Store or Online Book Fair!

We want all students to experience the joy of choosing their own new books. If you'd like to find out more about doing an in-school book fair with us, drop us a line.

With an in-store book fair, your school's community will have access to knowledgeable booksellers in a store filled with amazing gifts, books and more.
We are also happy to help with an online book fair, which helps broaden your reach to family & friends outside of the driving area! 


Create a classroom wishlist! 
Our website's wishlist feature can be used by anyone, just set up an account and start browsing. The walkthrough is here but we're happy to help you navigate it if you run into any issues. 
You'll be able to choose whether to have the books shipped to your school or held at one of our locations for pickup; and you can edit the list at any time. 
Wishlists can also be tied in to your fundraisers, just ask and we'll help you link them together!