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A Field Guide to Now: Notes on Mindfulness and Life in the Present Tense (Kobo eBook)

A Field Guide to Now: Notes on Mindfulness and Life in the Present Tense Cover Image
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A Field Guide To Now is a reference manual for creating an extraordinary life out of ordinary moments. This collection of illustrated essays and field notes explores the tenuous line between survival and thriving; between wanderlust and making a home; between being and becoming; and about how these things inevitably converge in the scarce, haphazard, simple moments of right now. It is both an invitation to create whatever opportunity your heart yearns for, and proof that it is possible. Reinvent the way you engage with the moment and explore the texture of your present tense.


Imagine if you could look for the present moment in a field guide, the way you might look up the name of a tree you see outside your window?

For as long as you can remember, the tree has just been a tree. But when you look it up, it becomes something more—a sassafras maybe, or a tulip maple—and suddenly you can feel the way your attention toward it shifts. You recognize the way its pollen gathers fine and yellow in the weft of your bedroom screen in May, or the way its shade freckles the dying grass at the end of summer. In the act of naming it, in discovering its traits and marks, the tree becomes something more to you.

What if you could do this for all the moments that fill your life? That is what this book is about. Begin. Take note. Be right here.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9780762787302
Publisher: skirt!
Publication Date: September 4th, 2012