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Cultivating Your Community doesn't give a hoot about the newts, the shelter puppies, your childrens' fundraisers, or whether your mocha is hot enough. It's not collecting sales tax to support your schools and libraries, roads and parks, and is not going to give you a hug when you look like you could use one. It's not going to support you in your love (or hate) of the Twilight series, and is not going provide you with a forum in which to play your guitar in public for the first time. It's not going to help you find the book about writing with the red cover that you saw over there the other day or the one you heard on VPR by the local guy. doesn't know that you like one Splenda and skim milk in your latte and doesn't care if you have a nice time on your trip to Hawaii. At Phoenix, we do. Here are just a few examples:Phoenix SupportsWe have given donations to and/or partnered with these organizations (click on links for more info):

Phoenix CollaboratesPhoenix has hosted events in cooperation with, or sold books at events hosted by, these organizations:

Phoenix Takes RequestsAre you seeking a donation? We'll be happy to consider helping; please drop off a request in writing, at least two weeks in advance. Thank you! (For directions to our store, click here.)