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Kristen's Picks

Phoenix Books’ events and publicity manager, Kristen has worked and traveled in Ireland, Italy, Maine, and Philadelphia, and has since returned home to Vermont. Kristen is a fan of nonfiction with an anthropological bent and of fiction authors who walk the line between fantasy and reality (e.g. Alice Hoffman and Neil Gaiman). She will forever be devoted to Terry Pratchett (and Granny Weatherwax). She has completed an apprenticeship with herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, and has a particular interest in books on herbalism.

Cooking with Fire, by Paula Marcoux

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From roasting things on sticks to building wood-fired ovens, this book tells you everything you need to know about cooking with fire. 
It's ideal for anyone who loves to grill or camp, but Marcoux's
mouthwatering descriptions of these flame-powered recipes will have you
making plans for delicious, fire-cooked meals even if all you've ever
done is roast marshmallows.  Also a great choice for anyone interested
in living history, as Marcoux discusses historical methods as well as
modern adaptations.

Drink the Harvest, by Nan Chase & DeNeice Guest

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Drink the Harvest: Making and Preserving Juices, Wines, Meads, Teas, and Ciders Cover Image
ISBN: 9781612121598
Availability: Usually Ships in 3-7 Days
Published: Storey Publishing, LLC - June 17th, 2014

Chase and Guest offer a surprising variety of potable recipes, from
rosehip tea to kombucha, blueberry basil syrup to crab apple juice,
garden mint wine to spiced apple mead. Gardeners will appreciate this
new range of options for enjoying the harvest. Health-conscious folks
and parents looking for nourishing treats will love these nutritious and
additive-free recipes. DIYers will just get a kick out of this whole
new range of things to make. Everyone will benefit from Chase's and
Guest's accessible directions and helpful tips, set off by an abundance
of gorgeous photographs.

Northeast Foraging, by Leda Meredith

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Northeast Foraging: 120 Wild and Flavorful Edibles from Beach Plums to Wineberries (Regional Foraging Series) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781604694178
Availability: Backordered
Published: Timber Press - April 8th, 2014

amaranth to yarrow and ginkgo to goldenrod, this book is an ideal guide
for folks who'd like to go beyond supermarkets and even farmer's
markets to find delicious, nourishing wild foods. The book starts with
an inspiring introduction and a very helpful section in which plants are
grouped by season and habitat. Then, Meredith describes each edible
plant in detail, including how to identify, when and where to gather,
how to gather, how to eat, how to preserve, and future harvests.
Gorgeous photos complement each entry. The result is a book that's a
joy for beginners, but with useful, observant tips that experienced
foragers will appreciate. It's a real pleasure, too, to have a book
that focuses on the northeast. Meredith helps those of us in this snowy
corner of the country see that there's a lot on the menu - even in the

The Gift of Healing Herbs, by Robin Rose Bennett

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The Gift of Healing Herbs: Plant Medicines and Home Remedies for a Vibrantly Healthy Life Cover Image
ISBN: 9781583947623
Availability: Usually Ships in 3-7 Days
Published: North Atlantic Books - March 11th, 2014

The Gift of Healing Herbs is absolutely packed with stories, insights, and recipes. 
Herbal luminaries like Rosemary Gladstar and Matthew Wood have
recommended it for good reason.  It's a delight to read, and the
depth and breadth of subjects covered will earn it a permanent place on
your shelf.  This is an excellent general herbal that has plenty to offer experienced herbalists, but will be accessible to beginners, as well.

Letting in the Wild Edges, by Glennie Kindred

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Letting in the Wild Edges Cover Image
By Glennie Kindred, Maddy Harland (Foreword by)
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ISBN: 9781856231176
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability
Published: Permanent Publications - August 15th, 2013

This is a wonderful guide to making nature and the seasons a bigger part of your daily life.  Great for nature-lovers, gardeners, herbalists...and anyone who could use a little more connection to the outdoors.

Hellstrip Gardening, by Evelyn Hadden

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Hellstrip Gardening: Create a Paradise between the Sidewalk and the Curb Cover Image
By Evelyn Hadden, Joshua McCullough (By (photographer))
ISBN: 9781604693324
Availability: Usually Ships in 3-7 Days
Published: Timber Press - April 22nd, 2014

A brilliant resource for anyone interested in making something gorgeous
out of that nondescript strip between sidewalk and road.  Hadden covers
all the challenges and opportunities curbside gardens offer, includes a
directory of recommended plants, and 'visits' several curbside gardens
around the country for inspiration.  Great for gardeners looking for
more space to play with, and for anyone looking to create a more
beautiful and diverse, lower-maintenance yard.

Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden, by Jessica Walliser

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Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden: A Natural Approach to Pest Control Cover Image
ISBN: 9781604693881
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Published: Timber Press - December 31st, 2013

Plants really do love bugs, from pollinators to pest-eaters, and
this book includes all the info you need to induce beneficial insects to
make your garden their home - creating a balanced eco-system where the
beneficial take care of pest control, and pesticides are just plain
unnecessary.  Both fascinating and practical, this book will have your
garden buzzing with bees, butterflies, and verdant, healthy plants.

Plantiful, by Kristin Green

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Plantiful: Start Small, Grow Big with 150 Plants That Spread, Self-Sow, and Overwinter Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781604693874
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability
Published: Timber Press - January 28th, 2014

Plantiful is a study in horticultural abundance.  If you
want to establish your garden quickly, if you're gardening on a budget,
or if you just want to have plenty to share with friends, this book is
exactly what you're looking for.

Vegetable Gardening in the Northeast, by Marie Iannotti

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The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the Northeast (Regional Vegetable Gardening Series) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781604694215
Availability: Usually Ships in 3-7 Days
Published: Timber Press - December 31st, 2013

Vegetable gardening in this region can be challenging, but
Iannotti breaks the year down into months, guiding us through what can
be done at each point in the year.  If you've ever felt overwhelmed at
the question of what to do when, this book is perfect.  It'll let you
know what you can look forward to planting and accomplishing each month,
in so doing breaking the process of gardening, in this land of extreme
seasons, into manageable chunks of information and tasks.  Packed with
tips and how-tos throughout.


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