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BPRNE 2015 Independent Spirit Award

We're thrilled and honored that Phoenix Books been awarded the BPRNE 2015 Independent Spirit Award!  Thank you so much to Debra Woodward, and to the BPRNE board.  This letter went out in the NEIBA News this week:

The Independent Spirit Award is given annually at the NEIBA fall trade show to recognize excellence in a bookstore member of the New England Independent Booksellers Association. Our rep members nominate bookstores for this award, and then vote on the store they most believe stands for all that is great in New England bookselling.

It seems the competition gets fiercer year after year, as we have a wealth of excellent bookstores to choose from. This year we have selected Phoenix Books in Essex, Burlington and soon-to-be Rutland, VT!

Phoenix Books receives two nights lodging for the NEIBA tradeshow and a free ticket to all NEIBA meals for an exceptional bookseller of their choosing who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the show.

Here are a few words from Debra Woodward of Red Wheel/Weiser, the BPRNE member who nominated Phoenix,

"The booksellers at Phoenix Books really believe in community and making good books more widely available to the public. They also believe in Independent Bookselling. They worked hard to make their store a destination out in Essex, and then when Burlington had a need for a full-service bookstore they jumped in. They also believe in employing as many booksellers as they can and paying them fairly. I want to give a special shout-out to Beth Wagner who started as a bookseller and moved on to gift buyer, then children's book buyer. She is now the buyer for all books and takes her book buying quite seriously and uses Edelweiss wisely."

Congratulations to Mike, Renee and the entire staff at Phoenix Books for their excellence in New England bookselling!

BPRNE board
Maureen Karb, President
Karen Gudmundson, Vice President
Stephen Williamson, Treasurer
Megan Sullivan, Secretary