Jimmy's Got a Gun: The Crash Brothers Forever (Hardcover)

Jimmy's Got a Gun: The Crash Brothers Forever By Melvin Douglas Wilson Cover Image

Jimmy's Got a Gun: The Crash Brothers Forever (Hardcover)


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Jimmy's Got a Gun--The Crash Brothers Forever addresses one of the biggest problems that is plaguing urban areas in the world today, which is gang and gun violence. This book brings to light the seven major themes listed below and applies both a moral message and a spiritual solution to heal these social problems.

  1. The overarching theme of this story is that God always has a plan for our lives.
  2. All lives matter to God (Black, White, Hispanic, Indian, Middle Eastern, European)
  3. Only God can change the heart of any individual, with His Word.
  4. Everyone needs to be a force for good in our neighborhoods.
  5. We all need to show mercy to each other in this life so that when we are judged by God, God will show mercy to us.
  6. We must push for better education for all people, in all neighborhoods, establishing both secular and spiritual learning.
  7. The people in urban neighborhoods across this country must work aggressively with their local police to help stop crime in their area of the city. Telling on people (snitching) who seek to destroy your neighborhood with crime, drugs, ungodly behavior, or intimidation is not a bad thing to do, but it is necessary to provide order in your community. The worst thing to do is to do nothing

Jimmy's Got a Gun--The Crash Brothers Forever is another tremendous book written by Melvin Douglas Wilson, the author of The Good Book, The Parable of the Spirit that Whispers, and The Parable of the Young Priest.

Product Details ISBN: 9781947825352
ISBN-10: 1947825356
Publisher: Yorkshire Publishing
Publication Date: November 8th, 2017
Pages: 42
Language: English