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I Love You, Me (Paperback)

I Love You, Me Cover Image
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Not Just An Original Self-Help Book, But An Entire Course in a Beautifully Crafted Book That Takes The Reader on an Experiential Guided Journey Using The "I Love You, Me" 7 Step Method, for Deep Life Transformation with Self-Love. Millions of people worldwide are awakening to realise that the vital key for health, wealth, happiness and fulfilling relationships is a genuinely loving relationship with oneself."I Love You, Me" is a fully comprehensive, experiential guide that includes 'done for you' style exercises that catalyse profound moments of self-realisation and inner transformation. Inside are instructions for downloading the complimentary 40 page downloadable workbook along with 2 breath meditation practices which facilitate and enhance the "I love you, Me Process."What If You Loved Yourself Exactly The Way You Long To Be Loved? What Would Your Life Be Like?The 7 steps of transformational self-love will be very different to anything you have experienced up until now, even if the idea isn't new to you. Are you ready to be led in the dance of deep, absolute, empowering Self-Love; The kind of Self-Love that will revolutionise your life, be a game-changer in your relationships with others, and evolve your consciousness to the next level, simultaneously? You will learn how to master your life and transform your world by mastering your relationship with yourself In 7 Simple Transformational Steps.Packed Full Of Juicy Content And Exercises To Guide You On Your Mission, This Book Is Deeply Personal And Deeply Loving.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780998286983
ISBN-10: 0998286982
Publisher: Transcendent Publishing
Publication Date: February 4th, 2017
Pages: 272
Language: English