Balanced Effectiveness At Work (paperback) - Signed by the Author

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"Balanced Effectiveness at Work: How to Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor Without Driving Yourself Nuts" is a useful compendium of tips, tools, and techniques to make being at work work better. Within each chapter there are conceptual definitions, sample scenarios, frank assessments, "Flip's Tips," action plans for real traction, and positive reinforcement. With a light-hearted but in-depth look at twenty-four wide-ranging topics, presented in a unique news-you-can-use format, it will provide you with real options, helpful resources, and renewed optimism.

"Flip Brown's "Balanced Effectiveness at Work" is full of big reveals. One of the most important is how to replace perfectionism and judgment with empathy and engagement. This changes everything. You'll find inspiration on every page!"

-Marshall Goldsmith, author of the "New York Times" bestseller "What Got You Here Won't Get You There."

"'Flip' your conceptions about balance, with Flip Brown's thoughtful, fun, insightful book "Balanced Effectiveness at Work." It's pragmatic, simple yet profound, and fosters moving from speed to significance to create a more meaningful life."

-Kevin Cashman, bestselling author of "Leadership from the Inside Out"

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