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Art From Nature ABCs

SKU: P9780578208572
Primary Author: 
Gluck, Chris
Binding Type: 
Studio Acanto
Publication Date: 
Book Description: 

Art From Nature ABC's is a beautiful and charming hardcover book with prints of animal images, collaged from leaves, in an ABC format.

The books art inspires one to get out for a walk to collect from nature and includes DIY instructions. Suitable for children and adults alike it fosters a love of nature and teaches the alphabet with clever images of both familiar and lesser known animals, fish, birds, crustaceans and reptiles. Makes a great gift for a new baby or a crafty friend!



Chris Gluck lives in beautiful rural Vermont where for over 25 years she has taught art and crafts in her home studio. She is inspired by materials whether they be natural treasures found on her daily walks in the woods near her home or recycled items (often left on her studio porch by well meaning neighbors). Her first book is a collection of animals collaged with leaves in an ABC format. This art form has been one of the favorites at her school Poker Hill Arts. The book includes instructions and tips so that, should you be so inspired, you can try a fun and relaxing art form that connects you to nature.