The Gallery at Phoenix Books and Cafe

Whether you're looking to come away with a piece of fine art, to stock your home with handcrafted ceramics, or simply to enjoy remarkable local art while sipping on a latte, Phoenix Books Essex is the place to go.

Art fans admire the work of Jonathan E. Russell at Fall Open Studio Weekend 2011.

Great literature and well-crafted stories aren't the only arts and crafts you'll find at Phoenix.  Our cafe walls are lined with a variety of local artists' work.  Below are are some of the artistisans and organizations we've worked with.


Vermont Crafts Council 

Phoenix is now a proud member of the Vermont Crafts Council, and will be taking part in Open Studio Weekends!  The Vermont Crafts Council aims to create and enhance an appreciation among the public of the quality, beauty, and history of Vermont crafts and artwork in order to encourage and sustain the creation of original craft and art work in Vermont.


Essex Art League 


The goal of the Essex Art League is to support the appreciation and creation of regional artwork. Members meet monthly to share ideas and information, create and implement programs, and participate in show venues.


Poker Hill Arts

Poker Hill Arts is an after school art program and summer day camp conceived and run by Chris Gluck in Underhill, Vermont.  Each school day, about 20 energetic, fun-loving kids, ages 5-12, come pouring off the bus at Chris's home studio for an afternoon of art or crafts.  After some outdoor time and a snack, they usually have a calming, centering activity, such as yoga.  Then comes the project of the day, which might include drawing, painting, sculpting, engineering, and/or crafting.  When finished with the day's project, the children have the opportunity to draw in their sketchbooks or choose from other creative activities with their friends.


Warren Dixon, Potter

Warren says, "Who doesn't like to play with mud? I have always enjoyed working with my hands, so when I finally had an opportunity to create pottery on the wheel, I dove into it. I love the centering and meditative aspects of working with clay, and the artistic expression it allows. I have dabbled in various types of visual art, but the functional aspect of art as pottery really resonates with me. Eating out of hand-made pottery creates an energy with the food that is simply not achievable eating off mass produced dishes. I hope that you enjoy the beauty and functionality of my labor of love."


Judith Bryant, Potter

Judith Bryant creates fine Vermont porcelain and stoneware pottery - both one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces and also functional pottery, including place settings, for the table and home. A master of her craft, Judith has dedicated herself to quality, strong form and function in clay for over 35 years. She has worked as Resident Potter and teacher at the Shelburne Craft School, Shelburne, and at the Vermont State Craft Center, Frog Hollow, in Middlebury. More recently, she has moved to private studios -- currently, the Lincoln Pottery, a renovated barn in the hills above Bristol, Vermont.


Lynn Flory, Potter

Award-winning Vermont potter Lynn Flory has owned and operated Mill Village Pottery for over a decade.  Lynn specializes in on-of-a-kind vessels and unique functional ware.  She works with many different clays and firing techniques.  Winner of the 1998 Founders Award, she has worked with master potters Nancee Meeker and Otto Heino; both influences have shaped her unique, encompassing style.


Kasini House Art Cards

Kasini House Art Cards - based in Burlington, Vermont - promote the work of contemporary artists on blank 5″x7″ greeting cards. The title, dimensions, materials and year of the work presented on the front of each card is printed on the back, along with a short statement by the artist. Subjects range from landscape to abstract work to collage.  Kasini House Art Cards are printed on high-quality, acid-free Mohawk Fine Paper that is 100% recycled, manufactured with windpower, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Green-e, the nation’s leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions.